We have DUCK EGGS!

21stMar. × ’17

TurkeyTail Farm has 80 pasture raised, organically fed ducks we move onto fresh ground every three days. Our flock is a mix of Indian blue and tan runners, Peeking and Ronins. Since the time change the girls have started to lay up to 3 1/2 dozen a day. They are loving the cool weather with the splash of rain. They are the only animals I know that have a party when it rains.

Do to our abundance of eggs we have started to sell at Chico Natural Foods Co-op again and looking into other out-lets. We are also going to be setting up a table at Dave Miller’s Bakehouse on Fridays during his pick up hours 4-7pm. Also, starting April 6th Thursday night market starts, downtown Chico from 6-9pm.

So, get your fresh, local, organic duck eggs at any of these places or call/text/e-mail for a delivery. 530-591-0198, magicpedalproductions@gmail.com

$10 a dozen duck eggs, $10 lb Oyster Mushrooms

We also have oyster mushrooms and flowers for sale.

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