Prismatic Pioneer Podcast

21stAug. × ’17

We are so thrilled to announce that Sammey was interviewed by Kathrine Spath of Primastic Pioneer. Prismatic Pioneer is a blogg written by Kathrine Spath of the Neon Thread. Katherine is a doer, maker and artist of most all things. She has a drop spindle company called Neon Thread and also makes beaded jewelry, hats, tans leather hides, macramé and natural dyes. Her Blog Prismatic Pioneer is a way for her to share her interests and thoughts with the world.

They chatted about everything farm related; reasons for choosing this life-style, natural care of livestock, food politics and purity. The core concepts of TurkeyTail Farm’s practices are quality of life for animals, high quality feed and inputs, and stewardship of the land.

Their discussion ranged from the state of commercial food today to how we farm and our connection to our farming heritage and the land. We have become accustomed to cheap conventional food at the cost of inhumane farming practices and contaminated food streams. In the past several years we have observed the industrial meat companies exploitation of brutal labor practices, unsanitary processing facilities, and heavy-metal contaminated meat. TurkeyTail takes a departure from the “conventional” farming practices to return to “traditional” farming practices, which raises animals on fresh ground, with high quality and organic feeds, allowing the animals to fulfill their natural tendencies, and serving to enrich the land.

Samantha and Katherine touched on America’s addiction to cheap food, and its toll on our health and culture. at the core of our philsophy at TurkeyTail we seek to bring the highest quality food we can to our local community, with nutrition, not cost, at the heart of what we do. Our whole farm perspective, draws from tardiness of the past, contemporary research, and our deep seeded love of food and this is what makes TurkeyTail so unique.


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