Pastured Raised Lamb


Being diligent, caring shepherds is our first priority when it comes to our flock. We have around 25 sheep in our flock since the Camp Fire. Our breeds  are California Reds, Saint Croix and Dorper. Lambing happens twice a year and our mommas have mostly twins and single lambs. We move our flock onto fresh ground every three days sometimes everyday depending on grass availability, health of flock and land.

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 Cheetah Tchudi runs our border collies to move our sheep. At times we need to move sheep across the land into a different paddock. When the sheep are being moved by our dogs with ease, the feeling is like no other. We love our land, the animals and being able to feel truly rooted in what we believe in. 

We do offer Lamb for sale. $15 a pound. All Cuts are USDA certified and can be sold in restaurants and grocery stores.

All meat is organic and humanely harvested. 

Lamb Cuts: Lamb Shanks, Lamb leg steaks, Lamb shoulder chop, Lamb neck bone, Lamb bone. 



If you are interested you can purchase lamb from us every Tuesday at GRUB CSA Farm pick up on West Sacramento or

 please e-mail Sammey: or call 530-591-0198