Pastured Poultry

TurkeyTail Pasture Raised Chicken

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Our  pasture-raised Chicken is available via on-farm direct-sales. We sell whole birds, pre-packaged, at the price of $5.25 per pound.Our Birds range in size from 3lbs-5lbs. So, you can spend $15-$25 on a bird. Birds are ordered in advance and picked-up day of harvest.

Call or Email for details or to place an order. Samantha Zangrilli, Head Farmer at Turkey Tail Farm.




Our Birds: 

Our birds are raised outdoors in mobile pens that are moved daily (or twice daily) onto new ground. By moving chickens on to new ground daily we simultaneously provide forage (like bugs and grass) and sanitary living conditions. This method allows our chickens to fulfill their natural inclination to run, roost, and scratch, which makes for healthy birds that do not require vaccinations, anti-biotics, or artificial hormones.

While we are not a certified organic farm, we do feed organic food. Our feeds contain high quality ingredients like kelp meal, diatomaceous earth, and oregano  oil (as parasite purgative). Our poultry also help to glean garden wastes and preen our grasslands. Additionally, we supplement our poultry with probiotics, electrolytes and grit. We raise one breed of poultry,  Cornish X Rock Hybrid broilers. We also have Blue Runner Ducks for Duck eggs in the Spring time.