Rebuilding after the Camp Fire

May. × ’19

TurkeyTail Farm is back up and running after the Camp Fire. It has been a long 6 months since the day our lives were changed forever. Since returning to the land we have gotten private debris removal to scrap and clean up all the debris that was our home and barn. We are certified clean from the county and now have full powered restored. We have also been working diligently to reconnect our well to our water storage tanks so that we can continue to grow and produce our crops.

It will be a slow progression of work to get TurkeyTail back to what we once were but we are in it for life. We greatly appreciate all of the community members and friends that have been checking in on us and making purchases from us during the transitional time. The best things you can do for your local farmers is to purchase our produces. We continue to be driven to produce local, organic, humane food so that our consumer has a choice as to what they are putting in there bodies.

We are back at the Thursday Night Market in Chico from 6-9pm in front of La Salle’s with duck eggs, hydrosols, herbs and flowers.

We will be participating in the Spring Herb Fair put on by the Elderberry Apothecary Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 from 10am-4pm. We will be at the event vending and teaching a workshop. Come hear Cheetah talk about “Mushroom Healing For the Land” and how myco-remediation is the answer to pollution in the after math of the Camp Fire.

We are also going to be vending at this years Chico Bicycle Music Festival Saturday June 8th 11am-7pm.

And Lastly we are excited to announce that we are putting on our first Farm to table dinner with our friends at Lassen Cidery. Farm to Cidery Dinner Sunday, June 16th, 2019. At Lassen Cidery 26 Bellamire Ct., Chico, Ca. Tickets are $45 ea and include 4 small plates of local farm fresh, delicious dishes paired with 4-5 cider tastings.

Menu: Plate 1-Bruschetta on Dave Miller Croustini topped with TTF bacon. Plate 2- TTF pork sausage and regular pork sliders on Tin Roof brioche mini buns with GRUB CSA Farm cole slaw. Plate 3- Tin Roof crouton breaded TTF pork chop with apple sauce and GRUB CSA Farm seasonal salad topped with Tin Roof Croutons. Plate 4- Chico Chia apple cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

Tickets available for purchase at TurkeyTail Farm Thursday Night Market Booth, Rustic Nest, and online at

Since the Camp Fire we have been working tooth and bone to rebuild our farm. Our number one reason for growing pasture raised, organically fed, humane meat is to provide a better choice of food for our community. We pride ourselves on the care of the animal, the dedication of being sustainable and cultivating a meaningful relationship with our customers.We ask that you please support our endeavors by making a purchase. We want our business to grow and to provide more clean, local food for Butte County. So, if you are looking for a way to help come to Thursday Night Market, make a hydrosol purchase at the Rustic Nest (in downtown Chico) or click on the link and buy a ticket to our Farm to Cidery Dinner. We want to fill your belly up with good, clean, local food. We love you!

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