Farm Share 2018









TurkeyTail Farm Farm Share CSA Program is Currently on hold until we can reassess our farm after the Camp Fire. Thank you for your patience and please check back in for updates on CSA openings. 

Our Farm Share offers the finest quality pasture-raised meats and other farm products. Each week you will receive a selection of farm-direct high quality protein including our naturally-raised pork, grass-fed lamb, organic-fed pasture-raised chicken, organic-fed and pasture-raised duck eggs, and medicinal/culinary oyster mushrooms. In addition to the weekly staples, you will receive little extras from the garden and field—herbs, cut flowers, and wildcrafted goodies. Our Farm Share enables our customers to get wholesale prices without the need to own a huge freezer.

We ask that you make a 3 month commitment in 2017. At the end of the three month period members have the option to sign up for another three months. Every week customers pick up their shares at a central drop point.  Tuesday from 4-6pm pick up will be at GRUB CSA Farm,( 3269 West Sacramento Ave.) and Thursdays in Down Town Chico at 5pm.  A weekly newsletter will describe adventures on the farm, facts and research behind the biology and ecology of grass-fed meats, mushroom-fed poultry, and nutrient dense farming practices, as well as recipes and preparation tips from local chefs and farmers. (Our Farm Share will not offer work trade.)

How it Works:

A Full Share is $160 per month or $200 a month (depending if the month has 5 Fridays) ($40 per week) with 3 month minimum commitment, for a grand total of $480 or $520. 

Half Shares are available at $80 per month or $100 (depending if the month has 5 Fridays) ($20 per week) with a 3 month minimum commitment, for a grand total of $240 or $260.

What to expect: we have $20 or $40 shares.

Example: (weekly) Box #1: one whole pastured raised chicken (4 lb. bird valued @ $5.25/lb = $21.00 value); one package pork spare ribs (1.5 lb @ $8.00/lb. = $12 value), oyster mushroom (1/2 lb @ $10.00/lb = $5), $5 herb bouquet.

Example: (weekly) Box #2: Four Lamb rib chops (1 lb @ $10.00/lb = $10.00), Lamb Shank (2 lb @ $10.00/lb = $20.00), one package bacon (1 lb @$8.00/lb. = $8.00), culinary herb blend = $5.

Example: (weekly) Box #3: Pork ham slice (1 lb @ $ 8.00/lb = $8.00), one whole pasture raised chicken (5 lb bird @ $5.25/lb = $26.25), one dozen duck eggs = $10.00.

If you are interested in becoming a Farm Share member please e-mail Samantha Zangrilli at or call: 530-591-0198. We will then e-mail you the farm contract, along with the Animal Contract for you to look over.