Happy New Year 2017 from TurkeyTail Farm

11thJan. × ’17


Hello and Happy New Year! TurkeyTail is still standing after those 60 MPH winds and 20 inches of rain. Our sheep are wet but happy and healthy. Our dogs are snuggly and warm in there house and the ducks are the only animals I know that have a party in the rain. Winter has been strong and wet and we love everyday of it. Spring planting is on our minds next with seeds already ordered and corms in the ground. We look forward to 2017 as a year of growth. We hope to not only continue doing Thursday Night Market and delivering to Chico Natural foods co-op, also, adding another farmers market. We still  have shares available for our farm share. Our weekly protein CSA which includes: pasture raised chicken, pork, lamb, duck eggs, oyster mushrooms and flowers. for more information e-mail: magicpedalproductions@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017!


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