Gourmet Duck Eggs





We love ducks. They are sweet, lovable and easy to take care of. We have blue and tan runner ducks.

We sell a dozen medium duck eggs for $10 and a half dozen for $5

Duck eggs are the new breakfast food. They taste just like a chicken egg but they have so many more benefits. Duck eggs are larger 130 calories to 72 calories in a chicken egg. Duck eggs have more vitamins and minerals. I.E. selenium, iron, and protein. 9 grams of protein as of 6 in a chicken egg. Duck eggs leave your body more alkaline. Balancing your Ph. Were a chicken egg is an acid and leaves your body more acid.



We sell our duck eggs at the Thursday Night Farmer’s Market in downtown Chico, Ca. 6pm-9pm. We are in front of Pita Pit. Also, orders and deliveries . Contact: Samantha Zangrilli at 530-591-0198 or magicpedalproductions@gmail.com