Happy ChickenGiving!!!!

Nov. × ’14

We hope to inspire your family to keep it local and try something different this holiday season. 

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Here at TurkeyTail Farm we indulge in chicken on Thanksgiving. Usually preparing around three for our family of 10. We get creative and each chicken has its own flavor. For example, last year we had a garlic chicken, BBQ chicken and a herb roasted chicken. I also made a non traditional yam dish by making my own marshmallows with organic sugar and whipping the yams. Placing a large dollop on top of the individually cut mallows.

This year our family plans to have fried chicken and waffles with all the traditional side dishes, of course. Cutting the waffles into dipping sticks for easy snacking. We also plan to borrow a friends Fry Daddy for optimum frying efficiency. Try something new this year and consider a TurkeyTail Farm chicken for your holiday meal. We will be available next week at our CSA site pick ups, se times at bottom of post.

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We also have a couple of new products for the fall season. Raw Dog treats for your special pup. Made with whole chickens, organic oats, organic butternut squash, organic kale and organic carrots. you get 2 lbs of treats for $10. Nothing feels better then taking care of our four legged friends.

For all those interested in hardy soup stock we have chicken heads and feet as well. Follow this link for an awesome Asian chicken feet soup stock to inspire you: http://nourishedkitchen.com/chicken-feet-stock/  $5 for a head and 4 feet.

TurkeyTail CSA Pick up Sites:

GRUB CSA Pick up, West Sacramento, Tuesdays Thru Novmeber, 2014, 4-6pm

Heartseed, 1525 Dayton rd.( Turn at Diamond), Wednesdays thru November, 2014, 4-7pm.

 Of Course we always have a bit of color for the season. This month we have a spicy pepper, broom corn and wheat bouquet for sale for $5 a bunch. Thank you again for all you support and for enjoying our food.

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