Spring has Sprung!

Feb. × ’15

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The end of February is near and it already feels like Spring. Bees are buzzing by, wild flowers are blooming and the days are getting warmer. With the season change comes house cleaning and nothing brightens up a room more then a fresh bouquet of flowers. My personal favorite are flowers in a bathroom. They just seem to make the room more inviting and put together.  So, we have kicked into flower farming gear her at TurkeyTail, with multicolored anemone and ranunculus up and popping. We are also getting ready to plant out our summer varieties. Sticking to the classics like sunflowers and celosia and also keeping some of my favorite fillers to grow and work with. Like basil, bells of Ireland and gomphrena.

You can find our flowers for sale at S&S Produce on Mangrove and Chico Natural Foods Co-op down town. For $5 a bunch. Right now we have a mixed anemone bunch and daffodils with black tipped wheat. We are also available for special orders for special events. Please contact:

Sammey Zangrilli magicpedaproductions@gmail.com

All our flowers are grown naturally and with no herbicides or pesticides. Why does this matter? We don’t eat flowers.

Being an organic farm/farmer is a lifestyle choice that more farms/farmers should consider making. Not only do those chemicals get into the ground, ground water and air causing pollution but they pollute the farmer’s body that is using it. Most  herbicides and pesticides are made with petroleum based products which have carcinogens which cause cancer. Of course the farmer is not dousing themselves with it but over long periods of exposure they have been known to cause some cancers.  I would rather not jeopardize my health so that the job is easier. I live to farm and farming is tough. I like to get on my hands and knees to pull weeds, it makes me more connected to my crop and mother earth. So, next time you reach for that bottle of Round up remember  just pull the weeds for your health.



Photo by Gabrielle

Centerpiece by TurkeyTail Farm

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