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Introducing our Herbal CSA

Community Supported Agriculture:
Boxes of Herbs and Herbal Products Delivered Quarterly

TurkeyTail Farm currently has shares available for its quarterly herb CSA Winter box!

Everything Herbal’s Winter CSA Box will be available for pick up or delivery the week of February 4th, 2013. We have ten shares available this season. Our goal is to create quality herbal products — culinary, body, health, and artistic — that are beautiful, healing and nutritious. Almost everything is handcrafted here at TurkeyTail Farm with products we’ve grown.* We grow without chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Lemonbalm and Mint

Lemonbalm and Mint

Our CSA shares include culinary and medicinal dried herbs, tea blends, herbal body and health products, culinary blends, and decorative herbal gifts

Our garden is growing beautifully, and we’re busy cutting, drying, distilling, tincturing, infusing, and formulating. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our loving labor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at susan@turkeytailfarm.net.

Winter shares for Everything Herbal will be available on February 4th.
Please place your order ASAP.

Here’s what’s in the Winter box:

  1. 2 herb mixes: Oregano/Thyme and Thai Mix (Lemon-Lime Basil, Thai Basil, and Fennel)
  2. 2 tea mixes: Yogi Tea and Bone and Blood Builder Tea
  3. A choice of Hot Pepper Sauce or Herbal Vinegar
  4. A choice of Lavender Hydrosol or Oregano Hydrosol (aromatic waters)
  5. Mojohito’s Sore Throat Super Syrup
  6. Sammey’s Soap
  7. Stephen’s Miniature Watercolor Originals (greeting cards, suitable for framing)
  8. Nate’s Tea Candles, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, and Lip Balms (Orange and Peppermint)
  9. Newsletter
  10. Everything packed in a beautiful sturdy canvas bag

Seasonal shares are $70. We offer shares available quarterly. 15% discount if you prepay for four seasons. We deliver to Chico, Oroville, and Paradise. We ship anywhere in the US for $10 more. Checks can be made to Susan Tchudi OR TurkeyTail Farm and mailed to TurkeyTail Farm, 10846 Nelson Bar Road, Oroville, CA 95965.

* Some of our formulae include ingredients we haven’t grown, which are sourced from the most local, highest quality vendors we can find.

Lavender Patch

Lavender Patch

The concept of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) has become familiar to the Northstate with vegetable and meat subscriptions. The herbal CSA will provide boxes of herbs and herb products on a quarterly basis, with boxes being available for pickup in Chico or Yankee Hill the weeks of July 18, October 24, January 16, and April 16.

Our herbs are naturally grown with no chemical fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. We currently grow 40 different culinary and healthful herbs with more being added all the time.

Each CSA box will include culinary and healthful dried herbs, tea blends, herbal body and health products, culinary blends, and decorative, artistic herbal gifts.

Lavender Orb for Essential Oil.

Lavender Orb for Essential Oil.

Making Essential Oil

Making Essential Oil

About Us:
TurkeyTail Farm is a family farm in the foothills of Butte County. We are a diversified enterprise dedicated to providing high quality products to our community. We promote appropriate technology, ecological farming, and energy-wise food and herb production. Our goal is to become a model of practical and profitable, ecologically conscious agriculture.

Our farmers, herbalists, and artists:
Susan and Stephen Tchudi, Mojohito Richerson von Tchudi, Samantha Zangrilli

Susan Tchudi

Susan Tchudi

  • Susan Tchudi has been farming and gardening at TurkeyTail Farm for four years. Her first herb was lavender she grew from seed, 100 of which were given to guests at Mojohito’s and Heatherlee’s wedding. She spends her days planting, watering, cutting, drying and processing herbs.
  • Stephen Tchudi is a longtime gardener and a botanical watercolorist. He co-hosts KZFR radio’s environmental program, Ecotopia, with Susan Tchudi.
  • Mojohito Richerson von Tchudi is a practicing herbalist and natural health educator with his wife Heatherlee and their company Grass Roots Vitality.  He is steeped in the traditional healing systems of Asia and the West under the guidance of modern masters such as Paul Pitchford, David Crow, and Michael Tierra.  He is actively involved in the MedicineCrow community, and is currently working on a documentary movie on the grassroots healthcare revolution.
  • Samantha Zangrilli has a degree of Environmental Politics from Chico State University and Organizes her own Bicycle Music Festival in Chico. Sammey currently works at the California Organic Flower Farm in Chico as a farm hand, she also works for a non-profit named Kids and Creeks, an outdoor science education field trip. Sammey enjoys sewing bicycle outfits, making garlic braids, creating soaps and taking recyclable items and turning them into utilitarian art.
Creek on TurkeyTail Farm

Protected Creek on TurkeyTail Farm

To Join Our CSA:
CSA Shares are Currently Available, and a waiting list will be formed.
$70 per seasonal box
$240 (15% discount) for pre-paid four seasons
SIGN UP NOW by sending an email, or call with your name, address, and phone.
Susan Tchudi
Or send your check to:
Everything Herbal
TurkeyTail Farm
10846 Nelson Bar Road
Yankee Hill, CA 95965

Products to be included in future boxes…

What we grow…